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Andrew Sallee (President)

Andrew was a 727 captain for ASTAR Air Cargo (DHL) for 19 years. He lives in Sequim and is very involved with airport operations. He is currently serves on a International Action Committee which advises the U.S. Goverment on Open Skies Agreements with other nations. Andrew is a also the Chairman of the Global Cargo Pilots Alliance (GCPA). Andrew has been involved in the design and all phases of construction, development and operation of Sequim Valley airport since it’s conception. Experience includes airport planning, zoning, public hearings, fund raising, right of ways negotiation, safety, easements, local airspace study, property acquisition and sales. Recent projects include ongoing airport maintenance, working with Winnie Sallee and county to help achieve the new airport overlay district (approved December 2008), long range planning, development of a mission statement, master plan and airport web site updates.He is a Memeber of the EAA, Washington State Airport Managers Association (WAMA) and Youth Activities Dirrector for Sequim Elks.He is married to Jane Sallee. Together, they have two children. Their son Daniel is an airline pilot with Republic Airlines and aviation enthusiast who is actively involved with airport operations. His wife Jane assists with airport computerized financial data.
Andy Sallee

Andy’s You Tube Site

William Sallee (Vice President)

William has extensive experience in avaition as a Metroliner captain for Ameriflight, flying out of Boeing Field in Seattle. Will has been involved in many aspects of airport development and operation since 1983. His residence is in Sequim and he is at the airport along with his 10-year-old son.

Dave Le Roux (Secretary)

Dave is the developer of Discovery Trail Farm which a high quality residential airpark featuring lots with runway access and spectacular views in a farm-like setting.

Jane Sallee (Treasurer)

Jane has been familiar with and involved with the airport since 1983. She has been working with airport financial data and billing for the past 5 years.

Sequim Valley Airport Board of Directors consists of 6 individuals serving new board which were elcted in December 2009 All of the directors have significant airport knowledge and/or good financial resources that will help secure the airports long term success.

The airport has a close partnership with Discovery Trail Farm in providing high quality residential lots access to the runway.

There is a temporary office on the airport and it is planned that a more attractive building will be constructed in the near future. This would include office space and perhaps a meeting room for aviation related activities.

An aircraft maintenance facility “Sequim Valley Aircraft” is located on the airport, and 100 low lead fuel is planned to be offered by or before February 2010.

In the future, adjoining property owners may co-operate in creating airport parcels and this will be subject to negotiation.

It is the intention of the Airport Board of Directors,  Corporate Officers and Sallee family to keep this as an operating airport permanently and any sale of the airport in the future would be subject to legal requirements binding the owner to keeping the airport the primary use of the property.


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