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On December 16, 2009 new directors and officers were elected. The new Sequim Valley Airport Board of Directors, Corporate Officers, and entire Sallee Family is dedicated to the ongoing viability and success of Sequim Valley Airport.

Look for some significant changes that will be coming soon, which have been part of the airports long-term plan. These changes include 24-hour VISA/MasterCard self-service 100LL fuel, soda machine, rental car, and with time possibly a new hangar office building where the old office trailer is currently located.

We have recently created some new road, taxiway, PUD and sign easements, which will help pave the way for further airport development and add value to airport properties. We have drafted some new covenants that will spell out rules for future property buyers. We are currently pursuing solutions to the tree issue east of the airport. We are renegotiating runway easements and right of ways from long-term to a permanent status.

We have added some user fees for transient aircraft that include landing, tie-down, and auto parking. These fees do not apply to aircraft based at, fueling or being serviced at the airport. Aircraft making more than one landing on the same day will only be charged  only one landing fee. Aircraft purchasing fuel, Sequim Valley Aircraft customers, EAA event attendees, residents and hangar owners / renters will be exempt from landing fees. While these fees are on the honor system and not popular with everyone, we receive no government funding  and feel they are necessary to help the airport’s bottom line in challenging economic times. We are happy to provide a quality public use aviation facility to the community and welcome you to Sequim!

Andy Sallee,  President


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